Guidelines For Patients

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We kindly provide the following guidelines for patients and attendants to ensure a smooth and safe experience within our hospital premises. Patients and attendants are requested to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Timeliness: Please arrive on time for your admission and scheduled procedures to ensure a smooth process.
  • Fasting: For your safety during anaesthesia, it is important to have an empty stomach from 11 pm the night before your surgery. This means no water, coffee, or breakfast.
  • Valuables: Leave all jewellery and valuables at home to avoid any loss or misplacement.
  • Nail Polish and Makeup: Please remove nail polish and makeup before surgery, as it can interfere with monitoring and medical procedures.
  • Visitors: Limit visitors, especially on the day of surgery, to maintain a calm and controlled environment.
  • Attendant Availability: One attendant must be available at the time of surgery to provide necessary support.
  • Visiting Hours: Visiting hours are from 5 pm to 7 pm. Please respect these timings for the well-being of all patients.
  • Cleanliness: Please make an effort to keep your room clean and tidy.
  • Eating in Room: Only the patient and one attendant may eat in the room to maintain cleanliness and avoid disturbances.
  • Feedback and Complaints: If you have any complaints or concerns regarding the room, staff, or other matters, please bring them to the attention of Dr. Sumita Arora or Dr. Rajesh Arora immediately.
  • Footwear: Please do not remove your footwear within the premises for safety and hygiene reasons.
  • Birth Certificate: Before discharge, please ensure the details and spellings on the birth certificate form are accurate. Collect your discharge summary, files, investigations, and birth certificate, if applicable.
  • Lost Belongings: Double-check all your belongings, including mobile phones, spectacles, and reading material, before leaving the hospital.
  • Birth Certificate Issuance: If you require a birth certificate urgently for passport purposes or other reasons, please inform us immediately after delivery. Otherwise, birth certificates can be obtained from the reception office 21 days after delivery.
  • Contact Information: For any clarifications, feel free to contact Dr. Sumita Arora or Dr. Rajesh Arora between 6 pm and 7 pm.
  • In case your room is needed for another patient, you may be shifted to another room after your surgery. Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines are greatly appreciated for a safe and comfortable hospital experience.

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