Dietetics With Physiotherapy

We have a team of physiotherapist with expertise in the following:

Women Health

The department offers a unique experience by combining clinical expertise with an integrated approach to the special health needs of women. The team of specialists works cooperatively in one location to diagnose treat and counsel each patient. The therapist in the Women’s Health team listen to each woman’s concerns, work to identify and understand her needs, and then develop an appropriate treatment plan in coordination with her primary care provider.

The Women’s Health team provides evaluation for the following :

Pre Natal Care

Comprises of exercises in order to make the women healthy and physically fit, correct the abnormal posture habits which goes a long way even after conception.

Antenatal Care

Comprises of exercises for making the 9 months comfortable for the pregnant female. It helps in decreasing morning sickness & mood swing, tones up the elasticity & strengthens the spine gives up healthy blood to the body, stabilises the nervous system, decrease pain in joints and back, raises the level of energy & decrease obesity. It prepares the patients mind & body for labour and birth. It ensures easy labour and smooth delivery by around cervix and birth canal & by opening the cervix. In first trimester standing yoga position are advised to strengthen the legs enhance circulation, generates energy & reduce legs cramps. In 2nd, 3rd trimester emphasis is laid on breathing & meditation.

Post Natal Care

It helps in toning up the abdominal wall muscles so that the women can resume day to day activities as early as possible. It restores the uterus, abdomen & pelvic floor, reduces the postnatal complications, reduces body pain & breast discomfort and improves milk production. It also reduces the stretch marks in pregnancy

Keep the body healthy and physically fit.

Urinary Incontinence

Kegel’s exercises reduce the incidence of stress inconvenience seen commonly after multiple deliveries in old age.

Fitness Programme & Lifestyle Management (for infertility/sub fertility women)

Obesity is prevalent, affecting people of all ages and at all socioeconomic level and is also associated with an increase in age.

The goals of obesity treatment are to achieve and then to maintain clinically meaningful weight loss, with the ultimate goal of reducing the risk for or severity of obesity-related diseases, impairment, and functional limitations.
Exercises are very important adjunct to a weight- reducing diet because it increase energy expenditure, enhances loss of adipose tissue, and improve dietary adherence. It is especially useful in :

  • Infertility
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Dyslipidemia Patients

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